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How do I license Build-A-Board with a Platform License?

Platform licenses are only available to customers who have purchased the appropriate IMG License. This item is for helping customers who know they have a Platform License, and wish to see step-by-step of how to obtain and work with this type of license. If you wish to purchase or learn more about the benefits of a Platform license, please contact IMG Sales at or refer to this general overview of license options.

How To License Build-A-Board and obtain your Platform License

On the system where you plan to develop boards (typically a developer or support system, i.e. not a system that will be deployed), install download and install Build-A-Board. After installation, run the IMG License Manager (Licensing Information icon) - either from the Program Group in Windows Explorer, or from the Start Menu in the Build-A-Board group.

When unlicensed, you will see the following screen - click on Retrieve System License to retrieve or apply a license to your system.

If this is a new or unrecognized system, a license cannot be retrieved without first adding the system to the existing account where the platform license is associated with - this is the account you must use when licensing a new system. Refer to the following screens to use your credentials and license this system.

Once you've entered your login e-mail and password, and named your system (to help identify licenses in the License Manager tab), click on "Add This System"

For Build-A-Board licenses, you will see the following screen to indicate that the system is now part of your account.

Return to the IMG License Manager, and click again on the Retrieve System License button.

After the license is retrieved from your account, you will see a "Licensed and Registered..." display. IMPORTANT: There must be a Serial Number of the form BAB220?????? Indicated in the serial number line for you to continue. If there is no serial number, or it indicates IMG Personal License, or other entry, and you have a Platform License, please contact IMG Customer Service at at

To retrieve your Platform license, click on the Expand >>> button to reveal the Platform License section.

Now click on Retrieve Platform Authorization to obtain the Platform License. The actual details displayed here will be determined by the license purchased. Once your Platform License is in place, all boards that will be deployed need to be opened and built from this Build-A-Board system (when a .KBF is built it will include the Platform License, which will allow licensed operation on all indicated platforms).

Build-A-Board Platform License Notes

The Build-A-Board Platform License allows you to create then build boards that have the license embedded in the board (KeyBoard File, the .KBF file). When deploying dozens, hundreds, or thousands of devices, this type of license greatly reduces the license management required to deploy and maintain boards at your site or across the enterprise.

This type of license required a Build-A-Board serial # (of the form BAB220??????), a Account, and the appropriate IMG license, e.g. IMG Technology License, or an OEM/Distribution license, etc. These licenses require an Annual Maintenance program to keep the license active, and enable ongoing support, free updates, free upgrades, etc.

For detailed usage options using the IMG License Manager, refer to the product help here:

General Deployment steps for a Build-A-Board Platform License

1) On development machine, install current Build-A-Board (If the machine already has a free or other license, you should do the following steps - Open the IMG License Manager (Licensing Information icon/LICENSE.EXE) and click on "Additional License Options/Support", then click on "Delete (Reset) License File (LICENSE.LIC)" and confirm the deletion - this will clear out any existing license)

2) License Build-A-Board with account login (e-mail/password), and Retrieve Platform Authorization (Refer to step-by-step above)

3) Now in Build-A-Board, open all boards projects to be deployed, and Build - this will create KBFs with the license embedded. IMPORTANT - to get a licensed board, you must rebuild the project with the licensed Build-A-Board which has retrieved Platform license (the build process embeds the license into the .KBF file).

4) Collect all licensed custom Keyboards (.KBF files) - within Build-A-Board, use Shift-F11 to view Target run-time folders for current project, and refer to other projects to gather any other necessary KBF files. Remember KEYBOARD.KBF is default layout - the layout that will open when My-T-Soft is run.

5) To deploy to run-time target system:

To get My-T-Soft onto target system:

Windows: use MSWIN32 or MSWIN64 run-time target folder, or use My-T-Soft Basic install, or My-T-Soft 1.90 install
Android: use My-T-Soft for Android .apk install file
Linux: use My-T-Soft for Linux tar.gz file

After My-T-Soft installed, deploy these licensed .KBF files to target systems (remember KEYBOARD.KBF is default layout) - here are locations:

Windows: Public Documents, Build-A-Board, BOARDS folder - e.g. \Users\Public\Documents\Build-A-Board\BOARDS
Android: external storage, Build-A-Board, BOARDS folder - e.g. /sdcard/Build-A-Board/BOARDS
Linux: same folder as mytsoft executable, e.g. ~/my-t-soft

No when you run My-T-Soft, it will open the default KEYBOARD.KBF, which will be licensed with your platform license. So a Windows platform license will run licensed on any Windows system, but be unlicensed on Android or Linux, etc.

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