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Joystick-To-Mouse Files & File Notes & Installation Information

Joystick-To-Mouse Files


Located in the Joystick-To-Mouse Installation Directory:

JOY2MSE.EXE - The Joystick-To-Mouse executable (asInvoker)

JOY2MSE.asInvoker.EXE - The Joystick-To-Mouse executable (asInvoker)

JOY2MSE.highestAvailable.EXE - The Joystick-To-Mouse executable (highestAvailable)

JOY2MSE.requireAdministrator.EXE - The Joystick-To-Mouse executable (requireAdministrator)

JOY2MSE.INI - Joystick-To-Mouse Initialization file

JOY2MSE.ORG - Joystick-To-Mouse Initialization file (as installed original)

JOY2MSE_RUN.EXE - Ease of Access interface file

JTMADMIN.EXE - Ease of Access registry setup/remove

JTMADMIN64.EXE - 64-bit version of JTMADMIN.EXE

IMGJTM.EXE - IMG Joystick-To-Mouse Service (old/not used)

IMGUTIL.EXE - IMG Utility (install, un-install)

IMGVERS.DLL - IMG Version library for version of Windows

- HELP\*.html, HELP\IMAGES\*.png - Joystick-To-Mouse Help

LICENSE.EXE - IMG License Manager

LICENSE2.EXE - IMG License Manager read-only/asInvoker

LICENSE.LIC - License File

LICENSE.ORG - License File (as installed original)

KEYBRD01.KMF - Keyboard macro descriptions for Macro capability

MAC00001.KMF - MacroBat support file

MACRO1.KMF - Macro String 1 macro (encoded)

MACRO2.KMF - Macro String 2 macro (encoded)

MANIFEST.TXT - Manifest of installed files

MACROBAT.EXE - Joystick-To-Mouse support, Macro Batch Utility

MANAGE.EXE - Control (console) manager for Joystick-To-Mouse Service

README.TXT - Installation text file

UNZIP32S.DLL - Unzip support library (install)

AMBBRDG5.WAV - Start up wave file

DING1.WAV - Ding



SONIC.WAV - Whoosh

- MANAGER\ESTABLISH.EXE - this is a post installation utility that establishes or updates the IMG Download Manager and IMG License Manager files as outlined below.

Located in \Program Files\Common Files\Innovation Management Group\Download Manager directory:

- IMGCLEAN.EXE - used to complete uninstall of software, required for Control Panel Add/Remove Programs

- IMGDLM.EXE - The IMG Download Manager - Installed by MANAGER\ESTABLISH.EXE

- IMGNET.DLL - The IMG Download Manager Library - Installed by MANAGER\ESTABLISH.EXE

Located in \Program Files\Common Files\Innovation Management Group\License Manager directory:

- LICENSE.DLL - library used by the IMG License Manager and IMG Download Manager

Older Joystick-To-Mouse Files

Note: This information is preserved for reference, and to remind everyone of the history of Windows and this product. This product had to deal with the down-down-up-up double-click issue in Windows 95, and that should never be forgotten.

For Windows 3.x, 16-bit files are required. For all other versions of Windows, 32-bit files are used (Win32). If applicable, the categories are indicated next to the file. Note that some data files are used by both 16-bit & 32-bit versions.

The following files are REQUIRED for proper operation of Joystick-To-Mouse:

The following files are REQUIRED for proper operation of your joystick (located the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory):

NOTE: This applies only to Windows 3.x

The following files comprise the DOS based Joystick Diagnostic that can be used to verify proper joystick installation at the hardware level of the computer. They are not required for proper operation, and are located in the installation directory.

NOTE: These files will operate in Windows 3.x, 95/98/Me. In Windows NT/2000/XP, it will depend on the system configuration. These files poll the game port from a DOS based machine. In some virtual machines in more advanced versions of Windows, these files may still operate properly. Since the advanced versions use a Hardware Abstraction Layer to insulate the hardware from the software, these files really offfer no additional info in these environments.

The following files include textual information with important and useful information about Joystick-To-Mouse, but are not required for operation:

The following files are wave files for sounds. They are not required for operation, but the corresponding sounds will not be played if the files do not exist in the installation directory.

The following files are included with the distribution media but are not installed onto the hard drive.

Located in the JOYSTICK subdirectory on the distribution media.

Located in the Windows System Directory (Windows 3.x):

IBMJOY.DRV - Joystick Driver for IBM compatible computers

JOYSTICK.CPL - Joystick calibration applet (Control Panel)

NOTE: These only apply to Windows 3.x.



The following is for Windows 3.x. For Windows 95 and later, it is strongly recommended you use the SETUP.EXE program to ensure a proper installation.

This section is for users intimately familiar with DOS and Windows and is provided to document system changes.

The following information is included to document the changes made to a system by the Joystick-To-Mouse Setup program. The product may be installed manually with this information by using the EXPAND command (EXPAND.EXE is located in the Windows subdirectory), and referencing the files and their locations above (JOYSTICK-TO-MOUSE FILE NOTES).

The default Joystick-To-Mouse subdirectory is a subdirectory of the default Windows directory called JOY2MSE. On most systems this would be C:\WINDOWS\JOY2MSE.

To install Joystick-To-Mouse manually, you must do the following:

While at the DOS command prompt -

NOTE: Not in Windows 95 - you must use the drivers shipped with Windows 95.

Windows must be started from the DOS prompt to implement the changes to the system.

While in Windows...

From the Program Manager, create a group, or select the group where you want to install the Joystick-To-Mouse icon (if you place the icon in the StartUp group, it will automatically run every time Windows is run). Then select File, New, then Program item, and enter the Description as "Joystick-To-Mouse", and then enter the installation subdirectory along with JOY2MSE.EXE (e.g. C:\WINDOWS\JOY2MSE\JOY2MSE.EXE) in the Command line, then click OK.

The joystick driver may be added (if required) through the Control Panel's Drivers Applet.

The OEMSETUP.INF file is included with the IBMJOY.DRV so Windows can setup the driver. To do so, click on the Drivers icon while in Control Panel, then click on Add, then select the proper drive & directory. On the floppy, the driver IBMJOY.DRV & its associated Control Panel applet JOYSTICK.CPL are located in the JOYSTICK subdirectory. When using the Control Panel to add a new driver, enter A:\JOYSTICK (or B:\JOYSTICK) as the path.

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